V3 Add a job - One-Time

 To add a One-Time Job through the Job Wizard, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Job Wizard. 
  2. Select an Account.
  3. Select One-Time as the Job Type. 


  4. Add any internal scheduling notes or job notes, if needed, then add one or more line items. Be sure to fill in the correct quantity and rate. 


  5. Select whether or not you want this job to be a Work Order. 


  6. Click Next to move on to the Schedule and Assign section. 
  7. If you know when you will work the Job, Schedule a date. Otherwise, the Job will appear on the Waiting List.


  8. If you know who will work the Job, assign it. Otherwise, just estimate the Team size.


  9. Click Next to move on to the Billing section. 
  10. Change the Invoice Descriptions and Billing Preferences, if needed.


  11. When you are finished making changes, click Finish.
Note: If you scheduled the Job on a specific date, it will appear on the Dispatch Board.
If you did not schedule it on a specific date, it will appear on the Waiting List.
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