Overview of the Estimate Process

Estimates are an important part of marketing your business, and it’s all about the presentation. Service Autopilot offers the tools for you to build an estimate, send it to clients and leads, receive notifications about its status, and schedule jobs.

The initial setup requires an investment of time, but you’ll gain efficiencies when you create estimates in the future.


The Estimate Process

This graphic shows a high-level overview of the estimate workflow, from building the estimate to winning it.



How It Works

You can build specific documents, emails, and pricing grids to meet the needs of your different clients and marketing scenarios. You might create different sales campaigns for leads, existing clients, or upsells for services you offer. Using different document templates and emails lets you gear your presentation to various audiences.


For example, you might offer silver, gold, and platinum bundles, so you would build grids specific to each bundle. Next, you would add appropriate bundles to the estimate. Or you might list multiple services in the estimate for the client to select. You might even want to use a different language to address a commercial client versus a residential client.

By investing time in setting up documents and pricing, you’ll streamline the process for your future estimates.


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