Quickbooks Confirmation Processing (QCP)

The following information only impacts Members who sync with QuickBooks Desktop.

 Service Autopilot has implemented an interactive process to help identify and prevent the possible duplication of newly created Invoices, Payments, and Credits which have synced with Quickbooks.

Duplicate transactions can potentially be created when SA sends a new transaction to QB and does not receive a response back from QB.  The confirmation process will stop the creation of duplicates by notifying the user that QB did not send a response. The user will be allowed to confirm and match the transactions between SA and QB.

 When QB does not send a response a message dialog is displayed within the Sync Connector informing the user to go into SA and view the Quickbooks Confirmation screen:


The dialog currently displays the incorrect pathway to access the Confirmations screen. To access, go to Reports > QB Confirmations. This screen has a tab for Invoices, Payments, and Credits:


Each transaction that did not receive a QB response will be displayed in the relevant queue. This screen will allow you to associate the SA record to QB. Under the Actions dropdown list there are two options: Confirm 1 to 1 and Resend:


For each transaction, go into QBD to verify whether or not the transaction is there. If the transaction is in QB, check the box next to the transaction on the Confirmations screen and select Confirm 1 to 1. If the transaction is not in QB, check the box next to the transaction on the Confirmations screen and select Resend. If a transaction is resent it will be added to QB. If the item already exists in QB, it will be duplicated if resent.

Although this should not be a common occurrence, duplications are usually caused by an interruption in communications. This can be caused by closing the sync while running, or slowdown and loss of Internet service.

 Access to the QuickBooks Confirmations screen can be set under Settings > User Roles & Rights > Accounting:


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