Add a Master Package

Master Packages are a collection of Services, typically offered to a client as a bundle, that are each scheduled based on a date range rather than a specific date. Master Packages are commonly used for things like fertilization jobs or pest control.

If you need a refresher as you’re building a Package, click the green question mark icon at the top of the Master Package Editor for a walk-through and explanation.

To create new Master Package, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Master Packages.
  2. Click Add Package. This will take you to the Master Package Editor.
  3. Give your Package a Name and Description. The client will not see either of these fields. 


  4. Select a Renewal Date. This is typically based on the calendar year. This is the date at which the Package will expire and you will have to manually renew the Package. This happens so you can make any adjustments you need to the Package before the next year of service. 

    Note: The renewal date you select should be after the end date of the last round and before the start date of the first round.

  5. Make sure the Active checkbox is selected.
  6. Enter a Name for the first round of the Package. Clients will not see this name either. 


  7. Select a Service.
  8. Enter a Start and End date for the date range of the round. This service will appear on the Waiting List for the date range designated here.
  9. Min. Days is used to set the number of days between when rounds are scheduled. This is typically used for chemical applications where a certain amount of time must pass before more chemical can be applied.
  10. Enter the Default B. Hrs and Default Rate, if applicable. These are typically left blank and filled out at the Account level.
  11. Click the Note icon to leave Package Notes that will display on Route Sheets or a custom Invoice Description. The Service will use the default Invoice Description but you may want to customize the description for Package services, particularly if chemicals are used. 


  12. Click Add service to add additional rounds to the Package.
  13. Click the blue arrow to copy information down into additional line items. 


  14. Click Save Changes when finished.

For existing Packages, you will see a list of Accounts assigned to that particular Package listed at the bottom.

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