Edit Settings in Service Autopilot

All the settings in SA are housed in the same location. When you are logged in to SA, click the cog icon at the upper-right corner of your account:


You can access the Settings page from any other page in SA. To open this page in a new tab to not lose whatever you were working on, hold the CTRL button and click the icon. This will work on a Mac or PC.

The Setting page is divided into several sections:


To find what you need quickly, begin typing in the search bar at the top of the page. Results will begin to populate as you type. Here are some of the most common areas Members access:

  • Company Information - this is where you can update your company address, contact information, and other default information. 
  • User Roles & Rights  - these are what control what all SA users can or cannot see on both the full site and mobile apps.
  • Documents - this is where you can customize all types of Documents that you can use repeatedly such as Client Emails and Estimate Documents.
  • Services - customize the Services you use to schedule jobs and invoice clients. 
  • Chemical Tracking Setup - if you have chemical tracking enabled, this is where most of your setup categories will be.
  • Invoice Customization - this is where you can select an Invoice Format and make further customizations to default invoices. 
  • Sales Tax - this is where you can designate sales tax references. 
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