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Automation Use this Automation to...
001 - 6 Months Since Aeration

Ask clients to schedule their Aeration job if they’ve received Aeration services before.

002 - Credit Card Maintenance

Send notifications to clients when their credit card is about to expire or their credit card transactions fail.

003 - Spring Flowers

Upsell seasonal services a client has not received before.

005 - Service Completed Thanks + Upsell

Upon job completion, upsell different services based on the time of the year.

006 - Service Was Dispatched

Notify clients about their next upcoming job through email or text.

007 - Estimate Follow Up Follow up with leads and clients who haven’t responded to their estimate inquiries.
008 - Feedback Loop - Clients

Upon job completion, ask clients for feedback by asking them to rate you based on a net promoter scale.

012 - Contact Preferences

Ask clients about their preferred method of communication. The automation tags clients based on their responses. To make the most of this automation, use these tags in future automations to differentiate when a client should receive a call, text, or email.

015 - Package Campaign Bundle

Upsell to clients who haven’t scheduled a seasonal service before the season begins.

017 - Cash Flow (Invoice Past Due)

Remind clients who have an invoice that’s past due. Tip: For efficiency, you can send the credit card form or client portal login through the reminder to encourage clients to pay.

018 - New Lead Opt In Request Send an opt-in email asking new clients and leads for permission to continue to email them.
021 - Cancellation & Resell Based on Cancellation Reason

Upsell to recently canceled clients based on their cancellation reason.

022 - Service Dispatched 24hr Reminder

Notify clients of their upcoming scheduled service and if their job has been rescheduled.

023 - Credit Card About to Expire

Inform clients their credit card is going to expire. Tip: When using a compatible credit card processor, skip a step by sending the client the credit card form or client portal login through the notification!

026 - Social Media Review Process

Ask clients for an online review on one of your social media sites upon job completion.

031 - Contracts About to Expire

Inform clients their contract is about to expire or ask them to renew their yearly contract.

555 - Seasonal Marketing Upsell

Send a reminder and upsell email about upcoming seasonal services.

Off Season Bundle

Send marketing and renewal content during the off-season. This bundle also includes an automation in which SendJim campaigns are triggered on important dates, such as the Client Since Date and Holidays.

Automations Included in the Bundle:

015 – Package Campaign (Email Version)

015b – Package Campaign (Text Version)

017 – Invoice Past Due

Important Dates

Perfect Estimate Follow Up

Follow up with leads and clients once the estimate has been sent, whether in person, by phone call, or by email.

Start Using Two Way Texting

 Share your Two Way Texting Number with your clients. Inform your clients about your contact numbers (office number, number to text, etc.).

The Bullet Proof Client Onboarding

Set up an onboarding process in which a welcome/expectation and notification preference email is sent to new clients. Also, follow new clients through their first service, from the service notification to service completion, to ensure their experience is great.

The Client Value Feedback Loop

Reach out to clients upon job completion asking about their service experience. Based on the client’s answer, contact the client for details or send them a referral email.

The Ultimate Cash Flow Solution

Combine your cash flow processes into one. Send notifications to clients when their invoice is ready and/or past due, credit card transactions fail, or credit card is about to expire.

 The Upsell Pipeline

Upsell to your clients through a series of three upsell campaigns: based on the technician’s recommendation upon job completion, seasonal email series, or a custom upsell for your ‘super’ clients.

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