Service Autopilot On Demand Classes

You can take a Service Autopilot on-demand class at any time. If you are new to the system, we recommend going through the Get Up and Running course first. It's an interactive style of training that breaks down the basics into manageable pieces.

Note that Service Autopilot is frequently updated, so the appearance of screens in the video might be slightly different from what you see on your screen, but the concepts are the same.

The courses on this page are for credit. After you attend them, you can access classes with fast-forward and rewind ability by clicking here. The link will also give you access to our legacy courses, Intro 1 and 2.

Click a course title below to launch an On-Demand class.

Introductory Classes

Get Up and Running

Launch Course!

The link above is a new training course for Service Autopilot users. It's an interactive course designed to teach you the basics. If you're just learning the system, we recommend you go through this course.

Managing Your Clients

This course will introduce you to tools in Service Autopilot for effective client relationship management. You'll learn about sending emails and texts, creating To-Dos, and logging calls.

We recommend you go through Get Up and Running before you take this course.

Marketing, Sales, and Estimates

This course introduces you to Service Autopilot tools for effective sales and marketing strategies. You’ll learn about sending emails and estimates, printing letters, and tracking sales with sales reps.

Please note that some of the features in this course are Pro Member only.

Advanced Scheduling Operations


This course introduces you to more advanced scheduling tools. This includes Multi-Day Jobs, Mobile App setup, and GPS tracking.

Make sure you go through the Get Up and Running course first, especially the section on scheduling jobs and the Dispatch Board.

Using the Mobile App

This course will show you how to use the full Mobile App and Team App in the field. You'll learn how to clock in and out for the day, clock into jobs, take payments, and create estimates among other things.

Please note: If you are administering the Mobile App in the office, go through the Advanced Scheduling Operations course. That will cover setting up Mobile Users and User Roles and Rights.




This course will show you how to use our Automations feature to automate your client correspondence. We'll show you how to implement two Automations to streamline your invoice past due and estimate the follow-up process. By the end of the course, you'll have the tools to create your own custom Automations.

If you are not signed up for Pro Plus, the Automations subscription level, click this link to sign up.

Snow Removal

This course will help you set up and use the Snow System in Service Autopilot.  The interactive lessons will walk you through setting up the snow system, show you what to do during a snowstorm, show you how snow jobs work on the mobile app, and how to close out and invoice your snow events.  By the end of this course, you will have the tools and the knowledge required to dominate your local market this winter!


Please note: It is recommended that you’ve already completed the Get Up and Running course and have a good understanding of the basics in Service Autopilot.


Here are some videos that you can also use to get familiar with our Snow System:

1. Snow System Overview

This video will introduce you to the advantages of using the SA Snow System, the different Snow billing methods, and an outline of the next four videos.

2. Resource and Scheduling Snow Setup

This video will go over setting up Employees and Vendors, Teams, Snow Services, Products, and Assets.

3. Client Snow Setup

This video will explain setting a Client Priority, creating Contracts, jobs, and Master Routes.

4. During a Snow Event

This video will explain updating Master Routes, adding a Snow Event, adding Jobs to a Snow Event, and reviewing, dispatching, and working jobs.

5. After the Snow Event

This video will explain completing Snow Events, completing jobs, and generating Snow Invoices.

Daily Operations



Waiting List and Packages

Learn to build and manage Waiting List Jobs, Custom Package Jobs, and Traditional Packages.

Job Costing

Set up job costing with budgeted hours, labor burden, and targets for your jobs and services, and learn how to figure in products. Manage time tracking on the Dispatch Board. Finally, learn to analyze the Job Cost Detail Report.

Pro Member Features

The features below are not automatically enabled in your account. To enable these features at no additional cost, please watch the video for the feature you want, then fill in the form that appears at the end. After you fill out the form, SA will automatically enable the feature for you within two business days.


Dispatch Calendar

Learn about a new feature that combines the dispatch board and the calendar.

Chemical Tracking

Learn to set up Chemical Tracking, including roles and permissions for your users. Use the Tracking Wizard to add jobs. Finally, learn how Chemical Tracking interacts with the Dispatch Board and what reports are available.




Explore the process of setting up, managing, completing, and analyzing the success of a project which may span days, weeks, or months and contain several phases and multiple estimates.

Sales Campaigns

Learn the purpose, setup, and process of putting together a sales campaign. By the end of the class, you will be able to create, generate, and view the finished product.


Report Center

Learn how to build custom reports in the Report Center. Videos in this playlist include creating a simple report, building a dashboard, creating charts, and doing formulas.




Add-On Pro Feature


Smart Maps

Learn to use the Smart Maps add-on feature to measure square or linear footage of property online and from the field. Create Estimates using those measurements. Use the tool to create leads using proximity and other filters, and also use Google Map's routing and driving directions.




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