The Help Button

The Help Button in SA is a useful tool for getting to a variety of different resources provided by SA. The button appears translucent green at the bottom right of any screen in SA:


When you hover over it, it will become opaque:


Click the button to reveal the Help menu:


Use the Contact Us section to chat with a Member Support Representative, send an email to Member Support, or see the phone number for Member Support.

The Quick Help section will take you to a page with a number of How-To Videos, the Knowledge Base where you can browse or search over 600 articles and videos, or access a list of all User Guides for SA.

The Training section will take you to a list of pre-recorded webinars and interactive courses on the On Demand Classes page, Interactive Training modules, and information about attending in-person Training at SA

You can also get more information about our Certified AdvisorsPrivacy Policy, and Terms of Service

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