User Rights for Other Access

The “Other Access” column contains permissions for various areas of SA including Settings, Marketing, Websites, QuickBooks, Products, Alerts, Imports, and Wiki Pages.

  1. Go to Settings > User Roles and Rights > (Role name)
  2. In the "Other Access" column, select any of the checkboxes below.

User Role/Right


Allow Roles Access

Allows access and rights to edit User Roles and Rights.


Allows access to and rights to edit websites integrated with SA (this right is obsolete, except for grandfathered members).

Export Lists 

Allows the user to export lists from Service Autopilot

Delete Export

Allows the user to delete exports.

QuickBooks Resync

Allows the user to resync selected clients’ history with QuickBooks, going back to the “sync to” date.  This is typically one year prior to their start date with SA. 

Delete Webpages

Allows the user to delete any web pages integrated with SA (obsolete, except for grandfathered members).

Bulk Edit Products

Allows the user to bulk edit products.

Estimate Accepted Alert 

Enables an alert when an estimate is accepted through the estimate portal.


Allows the user to import data.

Delete Wiki Pages 

Allows the user to delete wiki pages.

Restore Deleted Wiki Pages 

Allows the user to restore wiki pages.


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