Estimate Documents - Overview

There are up to four different components to the various Estimate Documents:

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  1. Estimate Document – This will become the actual estimate that your client will see with services and pricing, either as a PDF or displayed on a web page. It contains the estimate grid and is linked to the client email and confirmation email.
  2. Estimate Grid – This is the part of the Estimate Document that contains the estimate line items - your quoted services, products, rates, and totals.
  3. Client Email – This email goes to the customer and can contain the Estimate Document as an attached PDF, as well as a link to the View My Proposal webpage. You can set it up so that the client can sign with a finger or mouse before accepting. Sending a Client Email is not required; you can simply print your estimate.
  4. Confirmation Email – This is the email the customer automatically receives after they accept the Estimate on the View My Proposal webpage. The Confirmation Email is optional; you can send an estimate without it.
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