V3: Create a New Form

You can create a new Form from a blank Form or by using a pre-built Form template. Form templates are entirely customizable so you can add or edit all fields to meet your needs. Using a template can help save you a lot of time when adding fields to a Form.

To create a new Form, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Marketing > Forms.
  2. Click Add Form in the upper right corner, and do one of the following:
    • Click a form template under Accounts or Team, then click Next


    • Or click the blank form link to start a new form. 


  3. Type your Form name in the overlay then click Create


  4. Use the Form Builder to finish creating your Form. 


In the left panel, click any components you want for your Form. The right panel displays how the Form will look.

The following are some ways you can customize a Form.

Add Fields to a Form


The left panel has four tabs, FIELDS, EDIT, RULES, and SETTINGS.

On the FIELDS tab, scroll to see the various fields you can add to your Form.


Common Editing Options for Form Fields

Every field in SA Forms can be customized in similar ways.

  • Make a Form Field Required or Not Required
  • Customize Form Fields
  • Customize Dividers
  • Add a description
  • Set up Form Field Mapping


Make a Form Field Required or Not Required

Select any field on the form, then click the REQUIRED FIELD toggle to turn it on or off:



Customize Form Fields

There are three sections: Simple Fields, Advanced Fields, and Widgets:


Click to add elements to the Form. They will appear after whatever field is currently selected.

In the right panel, click the up and down arrow buttons to change the order of the fields:


In the left panel, you can change the width of a field by using the FIELD WIDTH slider bar:


Under Simple Fields, you have the following options:

  • Header – Use this for the name of the Form that will appear to users.
  • Paragraph – This field is for plain text of any length.
  • Number - This field is for a numerical value. You can also designate minimum and maximum values.
  • Short Text Entry – Use this for short text fields such as a name or address.
  • Long Text Entry – Use this field for free-form text, such as comments.
  • Dropdown - Use this to create a list of items users can select from.
  • Divider - Use this line to separate parts of your form.


Customize Dividers

You can add a divider anywhere on your form. You can use the following formatting tools to customize a divider:

  • COLOR – Click anywhere on the color wheel or enter a Hex code in the field.
  • STYLE – Choose a solid or dotted line.
  • HEIGHT – Use the and + keys or type in a number to change the line thickness in pixels.
  • PADDING – Add the amount of blank space in pixels around the divider.
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