Master Schedules - Add a Master Schedule

Master Schedules allow you to set up a scheduling template that can be used on Recurring Jobs for your Clients. You can assign multiple Client's Jobs to a Master Schedule. You can access Master Schedules from Settings > Master Schedules.

To add a Master Schedule, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Master Schedules.
  2. Click Add Schedule.
  3. Enter the Schedule Name and optional Description. Make sure your schedule is Active

  4. Select all the dates to be added to that schedule by clicking on each date. Dates will turn dark gray when selected. 

  5. Click Save & Generate


Time Saving Tips:

  • Click on the days across the top of each month to highlight quickly all dates in the month falling on that weekday. 


  • Numbers lightly highlighted in gray in the left column are the week numbers for that calendar year. You can click on a week number to quickly highlight that entire week. 


  • The system will not allow you to save “backdates” in a schedule.
  • Only upcoming dates show on the calendar after it has been saved.
  • A set of generic Master Schedules come with each new Service Autopilot account. The start date for each schedule is your sign-up date, and the end date is one calendar year from that date. Once the calendar has reached the end date, they will need to be renewed.

Below the calendar selection table, you can see a list of all Accounts that have Jobs on the Master Schedule you are viewing:


In this table, you have the following options:

  • Export the table results 
  • Modify the page size or move between multiple pages of results
  • Click a "Client Name" to be taken to the Client Account screen in a new tab
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