V3 Expenses - Review and Edit Overlays

Once you have created an Expense, there are two overlays that are related to that item: a Review Expense overlay which will show you all information about that item and an Edit Expense overlay where you can make changes. To access either, start by going to the Expenses Screen (Accounting > Expenses). Click on the date of any Expense to view the Review Expense overlay:


The preview on the right side will show you information such as the Vendor name and the Expense total. Click Advanced Actions on the right to see the options to add notes or attachments or delete the Expense:


If you need to make any changes to the expense, click Edit to reveal the Edit Expense overlay:


Here you can change any item on the Expense. When you are finished, be sure to click Save Expense. To exit the overlay without saving, click Cancel or the "X" in the upper right corner of the overlay. 

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