Set Up a Service Autopilot User

Service Autopilot allows you to give more than one Employee permission to use the full site and Mobile Apps. Users with their own logins are able to get notifications and alerts, save special client views from the Dispatch Board and within the Client list, clock in and out of work, creating a time stamp for time sheet verification, and customize many more features.

There are two parts to setting up any User. You need to choose a Role for that User and choose a User Type. You may choose a Role that has been set up for you in Service Autopilot, or you can make your own Roles.

You do not need to add all Employees as Users. Only Employees who access the system in any way need to be made into Users. You may, for instance, have several field techs who never access the system. Instead, a Team Leader, who is a Service Autopilot User, will log each of his Employees into and out of Jobs.

Adding A New User to Your Subscription

Before you add a new User, you may need to update your licenses. To update your user licenses, use the following steps:

  1. Hover over the Avatar Icon in the Header. 
  2. Choose Account & Billing


  3. Your current number of full and mobile users will appear in the gray box at the top of the screen. 


  4. Add additional users under the "Additional Services" section. Click Add User for the level you need. 


While you can add user licenses yourself, you cannot remove them from your account. A current account holder will need to contact SA Member Support at 972-728-4040. Verbal authorization is required for this action. If you chat into support the users will not be removed until a representative is able to reach you by phone or email.


Setting up an Employee with a User License

  1. Go to Team > Employees.
  2. Select an Employee.
  3. Go to the "User Settings" tab.
  4. Select a User Type.
  5. Make sure Show in Selection ListsShow in Calendar List, and Field Time Clock are enabled. 


  6. Select a User Role.
  7. Assign a Password.
  8. Click Save



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