❓ V3 FAQ's - April 29, 2020

These are some questions from real SA Members about V3. They cover topics involved in the releases prior to April 29, 2020. The list is separated loosely by category. 



How long will I be able to switch between V2 and V3?
V2 will be available for the foreseeable future. You will be provided with ample warning when the time comes to sunset that functionality.
How do I filter by customer?
On the Accounts Screen, click Add Filter and then select “Account Name”.
How can I see what clients were acquired within a given time frame?
Use the "Client Since" filter on the Accounts screen to add the date range you want to search in.
How do I add a To-Do to an Account?
You will have to do this from a V2 screen for the time being. The V3 R3 release will include a new function called “Tickets” which is where To Do’s will be appearing. 
Can I merge leads? 
Yes, you can merge Accounts with a status of “Lead”.
Can I merge leads and clients?
No, you can only merge Accounts with the same Status designation of client or lead.
If you sync with QuickBooks is it ok to merge clients in QB and then sync with SA?
No, the two systems do not merge items in the same way and this will cause sync errors. If you have Accounts you do not need, it is best to just inactivate them.
Is there a way to set a disposition on a lead like Follow up, Quote Sent, Bad Target, etc.?
You could do this by adding Tags to an Account.
How do we enter new clients who live in a new development and their address is not in Google yet?
The best options would be to select the closest option on the V3 screens or to create the Account through the V2 wizard. Keep in mind that if Google does not yet have the address then even if you enter the address through the V2 wizard it may pull incorrect GPS coordinates. You can always modify the GPS coordinates of any property manually.
Will the ability to create an estimate for a lead be available in V3?
You can create an Estimate for an Account in V3. From the Review Account overlay, click Estimate. This will open the Estimate builder in a new tab.
Where can you change an Account so that all Invoices are marked for review?
In the Account edit overlay, go to Invoice Preferences and set “Review Invoices” to “Yes”.
Can you add a photo of the residence somewhere on the Account instead of only on the Team app?
Yes, this can be done from the Edit Property overlay.
Where is the timeline on the Account screen in V3?
On the Account Review overlay, you will find the Activity Stream in the lower right panel.
Where are the Notes and Emails from the timeline?
This functionality is not yet available for V3. It will be in the next release when Tickets are implemented.
Where is the Billing Note that we currently have in V2?
From the Account Review overlay, go to Advanced Actions > Add Notes/Attachments.
How do you cancel a client?
From the Account Review overlay, go to Advanced Actions and select “Cancel Account”.
Does SA verify a credit card when saving?
When you save a credit card to an Account, the card will be authorized to make sure it’s a valid card. You may see $0.00 transactions in your merchant terminal for this.
When inputting a credit card, will we have to manually enter the address for the card we're putting on file?
Yes, you will have to manually enter the billing address for the credit card as it can be different than where the Invoices are sent.
Will the additional contacts we already have in the system be converted to V3?
Yes, additional contacts will be converted to V3.
Will our current master and sub-properties transfer to V3?
Yes, all current related properties will transfer to V3.
Can we add Notes to the Activity Stream like we could on the Timeline?
This currently only available in V2 but will be available in V3 when Tickets are released.
We will be able to see all past (V2) Notes from Timeline once Tickets are added, right?
Yes, your history will be converted.
Is there a way to auto-fill the billing information from the Account contact information?
This information will be auto-filled for you if you create a client Account from the quick add button on a V3 screen.
Will we have to recreate our existing custom fields in V3?
No, Custom Fields will be transferred to V3.
How do I see the sub-accounts from the master account?
To view related properties, click the “Other” tab from the Review Account overlay.
Currently, we have “scheduling notes” that our guys in the field cannot see - will this remain the same?
Yes, you can still add Account Notes that field users can not see. To do this, from the Review Account overlay click Advanced Actions then Add Notes/Attachments.
Can you add a payment from the client account like in V2, or do you have to add payment in the payment screen?
Yes, from an Account review overlay click the Transaction button on the Actions menu to add a Payment.
Are we able to run a Prepayment from the account?
Yes, click the Transaction button from the Account review overlay.
Is there a way to bulk edit the "Review Invoice" function?
Yes, you can bulk edit your clients to add the review reminder but this must be done from the V2 Clients List for now.
Where are statements in Accounts?
On the Account review overlay, click Advanced Actions then Account Statement.
Where do you go to measure the property?
Anywhere you see the little blue house icon is where you can access the Property overlays. You can take measurements from the Edit Property overlay.
Will the current property measurements in V2 move over to V3?
Yes, any existing property measurements will automatically be converted to V3.
Where will we find photos that employees take of the properties while they are out in the field?
Those photos will be in the "Notes and Attachments" section on the Account you did the jobs for.
Within the map overlay, do we have the capability to mark a tree and label them with species, height, etc?
Yes. On the Property edit overlay, you can create Pins. Pins have Notes fields so you can leave detailed notes for each pin your drop.



How can I pay Invoices in bulk by credit card?
From the Invoices Screen, check the boxes next to the Invoices you want to charge and click Charge Cards.
How do we add a filter? Such as reviewing all invoices before they are approved to send out.
To add a filter, click Add Filter. When you are done adding filters, you can click Save to save those filters for future use.
How can you bulk email or print Invoices without sending Invoices marked for Review?
You would need to review the invoices first before you sent them all in a bulk action because the “Invoice Reminders” filter cannot be set to exclude any option.
Can I bulk edit the Due Date on Invoices?
No, that action is not possible at this time.
Will my staff see the Billing Note before sending the Invoice?
To see the Billing Notes on Invoices, make sure the Review Reminder is set for each client who requires review. Then, you will just have to train your staff to click the reminder on the Invoice to see the Billing Notes.
Are you able to retrieve an invoice deleted by mistake?
Yes, use the “Deleted” filter on your list of common filters or filter for a Status of “Deleted”.



Is Clearant our only option for credit card processing?
If you do not currently have a credit card processor, Clearent is your only option for integration unless you are in Canada. If you are integrated with another processor, the only option to switch to will be Clearent.
Will we still be able to use BluePay?
If you are currently using BluePay (CardConnect) you will be notified at some point that you need to switch over to Clearent unless you are in Canada (for the time being).
How do you assign a Prepayment to a service like we do now?
To designate a Prepayment, the Prepayment toggle switch will have to be set on the Payment. Then, from the Review Payment overlay, click the Prepayment button to designate Services.
Will you be able to do a refund for a check payment?
No, it is currently not possible to make a refund transaction for any Payments where the Payment Method is not credit card. You can create a Credit as a “refund” if the refunded amount needs to be tied to an Invoice. Then, the amount of the Payment would need to be adjusted as well.
If we sort payments by Account name, alphabetically, does it stay until the next time you open the Payment screen?
The filter applied will stay but the sort does not. You will have to sort it again.



When scheduling a Job, how do you set the time range when scheduling?
You can set the budgeted hours (how long a Job is expected to take) on the first step of the Job Wizard. To set an appointment time, click the date selection on step two of the wizard and un-check the box next to “Anytime”.
Will we have to re-create our Master Schedules in V3?
No, Master schedules will stay the same.
Is there a way to add a discount for prepaying to a package?
There is not a way to apply a discount from the V3 Job Wizard. You would just need to add a discounted Rate.
When you create a Job, how do you add or edit Job Notes or invoice notes?
Once you complete the Job Wizard and save the Job, from the Review Job overlay click Advanced Actions then Add Notes/Attachments.
Can you create a job as multi-day without setting the budgeted hours?
Yes, you can always add additional days to a Job after you create it, even if it is not a Multi-Day Job when it is created.
When you select the start date for a One-Time Job and it goes to the Dispatch Board, will there be an option to dispatch it?
The Job will be created in a Status of “Pending Dispatch”. To dispatch it, either go to the Dispatch Board or the Visit review overlay.
When scheduling a Package, can you put missed rounds on the schedule in the past?
No, you cannot schedule Package items in the past.
Can you add a Note to just one of the Visits?
Yes, you can add a Note from the Review Visit overlay.
How can I see if a Job is dispatched from an Account?
Click on the Visit from the Activity Stream then check the “Status” column of the Visit for a colored badge indicating the Status.
How can I quickly see the Invoice Description for a Job?
From the Review Job overlay, you could either click Edit to see that information on the Job Wizard or access the Visit Review overlay where it will be in the preview.
Will Job Notes transfer from V2 to V3?
Yes, Job Notes will transfer to V3.


Installment Plans

Will Contracts carry over to V3?
Yes, but you will have to manually convert Contracts to Installment Plans. This can be done from Accounting > Contracts and can be done in bulk.
What are the benefits of the Installment Plan vs. the Contract?
Installment Plans allow you to add multiple line items to each month for more accurate Invoicing and revenue tracking.
Are there any reasons why I would not want to convert Contracts to Installment Plans?
The only reason you might not want to convert is for long-expired Contracts or Contracts you know won’t be renewed.
Will I still be able to tell Installment Plan Invoices from other Invoices on the Invoices Screen?
Yes, it still says “Contract” next to the Invoice number.
Can we combine taxable and non-taxable Services on Installment Plans?
You can combine any types of Services on an Installment Plan. Regardless of the Service default, the tax status on the Account will override the Service. If the Account is taxed then all line items on the Installment Plan will be taxed.
Can additional services be performed during the month then be added to the Installment Plan Invoice?
Yes, if you set up the Jobs to be billed to an Installment Plan.  They will not be added automatically as line items, but you could add them as line items manually (to the Installment Plan).
Are Installments Plans auto-recurring, or does the end date trigger when the Plan will be stopped?
Like Contracts, Installment Plants will continue to generate regardless of the end date. They must be manually deactivated.
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