Credit Overlay - Overview

On an existing Credit that was entered as an actual credit rather than a refund, the overlay will look something like this:


Note: You can now click view audit trail to see a list of changes made to a Credit.

Once a Credit is entered, the "Client" field cannot be modified. The "Date" field is the date the Credit was created for the Client. The "Reference #" is a required field, so entering text there may not be necessary.
You must add a line item to add an amount to the credit. This also allows the Credit to be applied to Invoices.

In the above screenshot, the Credit was added for the "Edging" service. Above the line item is a list of Invoices the Credit can be applied to. If you were to run a promotion that was "$50 off all scheduled services," then you'd probably need to change the Credit later so at least one line item reflects the services the Client would be Invoiced for.

If a Credit was entered manually but the Refund checkbox was selected, there'll be some additional fields on the overlay:


Even if an amount is entered in the "Refund Amount" field, you'll still need to enter at least one line item and a rate so the Credit can be applied to Invoices.
The "Refund Payment Method" is how the Client was refunded. You should only select a credit card type if the actual credit card transaction does not exist in SA.
The "Refund Reference #" will likely be the same as the Reference #. This may be the check number that was sent to the client or the transaction number on a credit card or bank draft transaction.

If a Credit is created as part of a credit card refund, the overlay will look completely different:


Notice the top of the Credit Refund says "Edit Refund". This is a good reminder that this transaction is tied to a Payment Credit and is part of a refund transaction. The Payment Credit and Credit Refund offset each other while the original Payment is still applied to the Invoice even though the refunded amount was subtracted from the Payment Amount. You'll notice on this overlay that there is no save button. This transaction cannot be modified once it is created because it's tied to a credit card refund. 

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