Status Icons on the Dispatch Board

This article will show you what different icons on your Dispatch Board mean. You can always view this information in the Dispatch Board Legend (More > Show Legend).

scheduled.png Scheduled  Job is scheduled
scheduled_new.png  Scheduled-New Job is new for this Client


Dispatched Job is dispatched and can be seen on mobile apps


Completed A Resource has completed the Job


Canceled The job has been canceled


 Skipped The job has been skipped


 Invoiced Job has been completed and an Invoice generated


 Locked Invoice Job has been completed, an Invoice generated, and the Invoice is locked.
mceclip0_-_2020-11-10T154924.621.png  Removed from Invoice The Invoice Line Item this Job produced has been deleted from the Invoice 
on_site.png  On-site A Resource is at the Service location.
mceclip1_-_2020-11-10T154956.787.png  Driving to Site A Resource has started drive time to the Service location. 
mceclip2__70_.png  Multi-day Job - Scheduled A Multi-day Job has been scheduled



 Multi-day Job - Dispatched A Multi-day Job has been dispatched and can be seen on mobile apps


 Split Assignments Job is assigned to more than one Resource but can be routed separately
mceclip3__48_.png  Edit Time Records Edit time punches on Job
mceclip4__27_.png  Has Mobile Photos Photos have been added to the Job
mceclip5__17_.png  Confirm Appt. Client must confirm before Service
mceclip6__12_.png  Appt. Confirmed Client has confirmed Service 
mceclip7__9_.png  Low Priority A Low Priority Job 
mceclip8__4_.png  High Priority A High Priority Job 


 Job Notes (Edit) View/Edit Job Notes, Job Comments, Notes to Client, or Invoice Description 
mceclip9__1_.png  Job Notes Exist Job has Job Notes


Products (Edit) View/Edit Products on the Job
mceclip10.png Has Products Job has products added


Edit Job/Ticket View/Edit Job details






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