Print Preferences for Installment Plans

When you are creating a new V3 Installment Plan, there are four options on the Print Preferences dropdown list:


The first two "No" options will populate an additional field, the Default Line Item Description:


The first option - "No - Only Print Default Line Item Description" - will only show the text in the Default Line Item Description field on Installment Plan Invoices. "No - Print Default Line Item Description & Visit Line Items" will show that field as well as the Line Items on any Services that have been completed and billed to the Installment Plan during the applicable billing cycle.

"Yes - Include Installment Plan Line Items" would only show the item in this column for each month an Invoice is generated:


The last option - "Yes - Include Visit Line Items" - will include the Installment Plan Invoice Description(s) as well as the Line Items from any applicable Visits that were billed to the Installment plan during the billing cycle. 

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