V3 Add a Job - Bill to Installment Plan and Overages

One way you can bill Jobs is to an Installment Plan. This way, the Account is billed a flat rate each month regardless of the number of services performed. How a Job is billed is designated on the third page of the Job Wizard. Select "Installment Plan" from the Billing Preferences dropdown list:


If the Installment Plan you need to bill to already exists, select it from the next dropdown list:


If the Installment Plan you need has not been created yet, click No and enter the name of the new Installment Plan:


When you finish creating the Job, you will have the option to edit the new Installment Plan.

If you need to set overages - the point at which additional Invoices would be generated for this Job outside of the Installment Plan - toggle the switch to Yes to reveal the options for overages:


Set the Overage Threshold by Visits or Hours. If you would like to set an Alert for Overages, toggle the switch to YES:


Add an Overage Alert Message, select which User Role will receive the Alert and what will determine when the Alert is sent. 


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