V3 The Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is located on the lower right of the Review Account overlay:


 This feed will show you all of the recent activity on the Account. By default, you will see all activity. Click the arrow next to All history to view filters for the feed:


For further information on Milestones, click here

Clicking a Note, Call, or email in the Activity stream will open a small preview window so you can see additional information without opening an entirely new overlay. Calls have a phone icon, notes have a notepad icon, and emails have a paper airplane icon on the Activity Stream. Notes are also shaded yellow to help you to tell them apart from other updates. Edit the item by using the Edit button in the lower left of the preview window:


You can also view Activity by category:


Past Visits will show you Jobs that have already been completed and Future Visits will show you upcoming scheduled Visits. Future Events can be seen on the "Future Events" tab:


Each card on the "Future Events" tab will show the subject of the Calendar Event, the assignment, Ticket number, date scheduled, appointment time, status, attachments, and comments. Click the paperclip icon to view or add attachments. Click the paper airplane icon to view and add comments to the Calendar Event that Resources can see on the mobile apps and route sheets.

The "Transactions" tab is a list of Invoices, Payments, Credits, and any other accounting transactions. The last tab is Estimates where you can see a list of all Estimates on the Account. 

Use the search bar under the tab selection to find a specific record such as a Visit date or an Invoice number. By default, the results will be sorted with the newest records first. You can reverse the sort order by clicking the Sort link:




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