Automation Edit Screen - Overview

The Automations Edit screen has two parts: the left column displays Events, Templates, and other items that can be added to an automation, and the main portion of the screen contains the various sequences that make up an automation.


When you initially create an automation, you will see only the Save button in the top right corner. Once that automation has been saved, however, quick link buttons to View Audit Trail, Email Stats, and View Pipeline display:


If you have emails that need approval, that button will also appear.

Email Stats

Clicking this button opens a dialog from the Email Activity logs showing the breakdown for all emails sent during this automation.


View Pipeline

This takes you to the Automation Sequence Pipeline screen where the "total items" refer to the number of clients currently in a sequence. 


You can click on any sequence to go to the Automations Sequence List page, which will list each client in the sequence. 


See the Automation Sequence Pipeline article for details.

Approve Emails

If your automation contains emails that are sent only after you confirm the message or message content, the Approve Email button appears on the Edit screen header showing the number of emails awaiting approval.

You can find out if you have emails to approve by including your name or role in the email event settings for Approve Emails. This notifies you when an email needs approval; you can then open the automation to do so.

  1. Click the alert to see the Approve Emails screen. The Approve Emails screen shows the clientโ€™s name, email address, the subject of the email, and the date the email was created. Icons on the right display the status of the email.
  2. Click Send Email to approve and send it.


  3. To approve several emails at once, select their checkboxes and do a bulk approval using the Actions button.
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