V3: Edit a Form

To edit an existing Form, go to Marketing > Forms and click on the name of the Form you want to modify. This will open the Review Form overlay. Click Edit to access the Form Designer and make changes. 

The EDIT tab of the Form Designer is where you make changes to elements of your Form.


Click an existing field on the right side of the editor to reveal the corresponding editor on the left:


Edit the text fields as needed using the standard text editing tools. You can do things like adjust the font, add bold, italics, and underlines, and add numbers or bullets to lists.

The ways you can edit a Form field depends on the type of field. For each field, you will be able to adjust the Description, Placeholder Text, Field Width, and whether the field is required.

Use the buttons on each Form element to move the field, copy it, or delete it:


You can visit our Help Center for more detail on creating V3 Forms.

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