Create Resource Timeslots

Resource Timeslots are a feature of the Dispatch Calendar that are particularly useful for businesses that operate on tight schedules, such as cleaning companies. When you are on the Dispatch Calendar in Resource view, you can see all open timeslots and assign Jobs to the timeslots to maximize efficiency for your Resources. 

To create Resource Timeslots, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Resource Timeslots. Begin typing in the search bar on the Settings page to find it quickly.
  2. Click Add Timeslot in the upper right corner of the screen or go to Actions > Add Timeslot


  3. On the Add Timeslot overlay, select the days of the week the Timeslots will apply to. 


  4. Select the length of time for the Timeslots.
  5. The Start and End Times default to your company work hours (Settings > Company Information > Settings). Change if needed.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Once Timeslots are added to the table, you can delete any of them by checking the box next to the Timeslot and going to Actions > Delete. You may want to do this to remove lunch hours or load time.

Once you have created Timeslots, they will appear on each Resource's card on the Dispatch Calendar when you are in Resource view:


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