V3 Account Balance - Uninvoiced Balance

The Uninvoiced Balance that appears in the Account Balance area of a Review Account overlay reflects a balance from Jobs that have been completed but the Invoice has not yet been generated.


You will see an amount in this field when a Job has been completed but the Invoice Frequency at the Job level is set to anything other than "Daily" or "Print in Advance". For example, if an Account has a weekly mowing service but they are billed monthly, the Uninvoiced Balance is a running total until the Invoice is generated on the last day of the month. Remember that when a Job is completed in this scenario, an Invoice is created but not yet generated; it is an Incomplete Invoice. You can view Incomplete Invoices by going to Accounting > Invoices > All saved filters > Incomplete

To see which Jobs are contributing to the Uninvoiced Balance, click on All History or Past Visits in the "Activity" section of the Review Account overlay:


Any Visits that have been completed within the Invoice Frequency period will be contributing to the Uninvoiced Balance.

Note: the Uninvoiced Balance includes tax, if applicable. This balance is as it would appear on the Invoice, not the Job. It is also a running balance so it may include multiple Jobs or Invoices.

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