Add or Edit Credit Card Information on a Client Account


In order to add or edit a Client's credit card information, you must have an account with one of our integrated payment processors. You must also have set up the integration between your SA account and your payment processing account (Settings > Integrations). 

To add or edit a Client’s credit card information, go to that Client's Account. On that screen, there will be one of three options: No Card on File, Add, or Edit.


No Card on File

If you have not integrated with a credit card processing company, the screen will simply say that there is not a card on file and will not be clickable:




If you have integrated with a credit card processor but the client does not have a card on file, there will be an option to Add a card on the client's profile: 


Click Add to open the "Add Credit Card" dialog: 


Click Add Credit Card to open the "Add Credit Card" overlay and add the card information:




If the Client has a credit card on file, the link allows you to Edit:


Click Edit to edit or delete the credit card information. This opens the "Edit Credit Card" dialog:


If you click Edit Credit Card, you will see an Edit Credit Card overlay into which you can enter the new information. 

Note: to alter any of this information, the full credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code must be entered. 

You will also be given the option to update the Payment Method on file. Select the applicable option on the dialog:


Click Remove Credit Card to remove the card on file. This produces a confirmation dialog:


If you confirm the removal of the Client's credit card, you will be returned to the "Edit Credit Card" overlay.



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