Add Subservices or Products to an Estimate

You can add Subitems to an Estimate on the New Estimate overlay. This can be a Subservice or Product. Adding Subservices and Products can help you calculate your costs more accurately. You can also choose whether to have information about products appear on the Estimate and/or Invoice.

Warning: Subservices are used only for budgeting and costing purposes. They never show to a Client or Lead on an estimate.

To add one of these items, follow these steps:

  1. Hover to the right of the estimate line item, and click the green Plus


  2. In the Add Subitem dialog, click the Product radio button and select a Product from the dropdown list. 


  3. Click Apply.
  4. Add options for a product by clicking the Options button.

      Note: On this overlay, you can choose any of these options:


Checking this will require you to confirm whether you used the Product and to confirm the quantity. Products to confirm will appear in red on the Dispatch Board. 


Check this if you want this product to appear on the Invoice as a separate line item including a rate.

Create Installed Product?

Check this option if you are installing products that have a warranty. Installed Products will appear on the Client Timeline (V2) so you can keep track of warranty, installation, and service information.

  1. Click Apply.
  2. Specify whether the Client will see the product listed on documents.


    Invoice – Select the invoice icon on the left of the product name for it to appear on the Invoice.
    Print – Select the printer icon on the left of the product name for it to appear on the Estimate.
  1. Fill in the quantity, rate, estimated budgeted hours, and the cost for each individual product.
    Note: The cost and rate default to the amount set up at the product level.
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