Smart Maps - Property Measurement

This article explains property measurements using Classic (V2) screens. Property Measurements can only be taken if you have the Smart Maps subscription.

Measure Property Tab

To create a property measurement, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a client or lead account.
  2. Hover over the More dropdown list and click Property Measurements. This will open the map and measurement panel.


  3. Use the Measure Property tab to create and manage your measurements. To create measurements, left-click points on the map until you form a closed shape.


    Note: The 3D view is not always available. Measurements are also approximate.
  4. When you're done, click Save

Edit Measurements

The "Edit Measurements" section lets you create, edit, and remove drawn measurements for any Account. 


The following can be changed for any saved measurement:

    • The Name of the measurement
    • If the measurement is added to or subtracted from the overall square footage
    • The color of the measurement
    • The opacity of the measurement
    • Delete the measurement entirely
Warning: Any change you make will only be saved to the client record if you click the Save button.

Linear Measurements Tab

The Linear Measurement tab lets you draw a multi-point line on the map, view, and save the measurement data to the client’s custom field.

Note: You must have a custom field set up in advance to save these measurements.
  1. Click the Linear Measurement tab to enable the tool.


  2. Click two or more points on the map to create your linear measurements. The left panel will display the line length in feet, yards, and meters.


    Tip: Click Hide Property Measurements to hide any measurements you created under the Measure Property section. For example, clicking this option means you will no longer see the yellow and blue measurements shown above. This may be helpful when creating linear measurements. 
    If you select Clear, the linear line you've created on the map will be removed.
  3. To save the measurement to a custom field, navigate to the "Save Linear Measurement" section and choose a custom field from the dropdown list.


  4. Click Save.

Edit Property Location Tab

To edit an Account's property location, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit Property Location tab.

    Edit Property Location.jpg
  2. Drag and drop the red pin (map marker) to correct a property's location:

    Edit Property Location GIF.gif

  3. When you're done, click Save Location.

You can visit our Help Center for additional articles and videos on how to add measurements using New (V3) screens.

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