V3: Set Rules for a Form

Before you create Rules for a Form, it's important to know that every Form must lead to one Submit button on the last page. For Forms with multiple paths, sketch it out like a flowchart to make sure the users all wind up in the same place.

Example:  You have a signup Form for new leads. Below the address field, there is a checkbox for a residential or commercial Account.
  • If they select Residential, no more contact information is needed, so the Next button would take them to the final page where they submit their request.
  • If they select Commercial, the Next button takes them to a separate page for the company billing address and office contact information. The Next button on that page would take them to the same final page as residential leads.


On the Form Designer, you can set up Rules to control each element of your form—in other words, what happens next. Based on the user's response, you can do things like display the next page or add a tag. To add a Rule to a Form, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Form overlay for the Form you wish to modify.
  2. Click RULES on the left panel. 


  3. Use the dropdown list to determine what page the user will land on when they click the Next button. 


  4. Click any field on the preview to set up additional Rules.
  5. Click Add Rule


  6. Fill out the parameters for the Rule. 


  7. Add additional actions to a Rule by clicking Add Action

Additional Examples

Under “How’s Our Service?”, you might select “Is greater than” and then select “4” from the dropdown list to identify your most satisfied clients. You could do things like:

  • Jump to a thank-you page
  • Add a Tag to these clients for future promotions 
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