Services - Only Use For Estimates

Services are always part of Estimates and you'll need to set them up before you can begin creating Estimates. Services may include a rate matrix and estimate description. If you don’t use a rate matrix, the Service will use the Default Rate. If no Estimate Description is entered, it will default to the Invoice description.

To set up Services, go to Settings > Scheduling > Services then click the name of an existing Service or add a new one. The overlay will look like this:


Only use for Estimates – Checking this check box means the Service will only appear on Estimates for selection as a sub-item. It will not appear on any job or invoice. You cannot schedule Jobs using a Service that is marked Only Use for Estimates.
If you check this box, the Service overlay will change:


Notice that the tabs remain at the top of the overlay when the box is selected. The Estimates tab will also change:


Description on Estimate

Enter the description for this service, which will appear on any Estimate containing the Service.

Call Script Notes

Add quick reminder notes for your staff to mention if they're on the phone with the client. For example, “Our monthly service includes XYZ, and we are currently offering a discount to new clients through the end of this month.”
To see the notes, the sales rep goes to the Estimate screen where you’ve added the line items. Any line item with a call script note has a dotted underline that indicates there are notes. The staff member can click the service to see these notes.

Number of Visits

The number of times per year the service will be performed. This number defaults to 1 on the Estimate screen.

Rate Per Visit

Type in the rate in the “Rate per Visit” field to create a default price.
Note: The “Rate Per Visit” option is the only functional option.


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