Payments List - Overview

You can find the Payments List by going to Accounting > Payments:


At the very top of this screen you will see the Filter selection:


Click on any filter to see related criteria and to apply the filter. Applying any filter will re-load the page to match your filtered results. 

At the top right of the table is the Add Payment button:


Click this button to add a new Payment directly from this screen. You can also add a Payment from the Actions menu:


From the Actions menu you can also Delete or Export selected Payments from the table. To the immediate right of the Actions menu is a Refresh button. Continuing to the right of the screen is the default page size and buttons to move between multiple pages:


To change the Page Size, delete the number in the field and type any number up to 500. Press Enter to apply the changes and the page will re-load.

There are two tabs on the Payment screen - Last 30 Days and Deleted:


To see any Payments outside of the last 30 days, you will need to apply a date filter for the desired date range. The "Deleted" tab will show any Payments that have ever existed in SA and were then deleted. For every deleted Payment you will be able to see the Audit Trail to see who deleted it and when it was deleted.

The remainder of the table are Payment entries. Each column can be individually ordered by clicking the double-sided arrow to the right of the column name. Anything blue is a clickable link. Click the Payment Date to open the Payment overlay. If you click on a Client name, it will open that Client's account in a new tab. At the bottom of the table are totals for the AmountUnused Amount, and Refunded Amount columns. The totals are only calculated for the current page view. If you wanted to see the total amount collected over the span of a month you may need to increase the Page Size. 

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