V3: Configure a Form

After you have built and customized your Form, click Next to go to Step 2 of the Forms Designer - Configure. On the Configure screen, you can specify:

  • What displays after a user submits the Form
  • Whether to send email notifications and to whom
  • Whether to automatically update an existing Account with information from the submitted Form
  • Tags that should be applied to the Account based on the form submission


After a user submits a form, they will see a response of some kind. To set this up, click Confirmation in the left panel. You have three options for Form responses:


  • Document – Select a Document to display after the user submits the Form. You can create a new Document by going to Settings > Documents
  • Simple Message – Type in something to display after the user submits the form. This is the default option.
  • Web Page- Enter the URL of a web page you want the user to go to after submitting the Form such as back to the home page of your website.

Email Notifications

When a user completes a Form, you can have the system send an email to Employees or Vendors. To do this, click Email Notifications from the panel at the left:


Click Add Notification at the top right of the screen to see the Add Email Notification overlay:


First, decide whether you want to send a Document or a Custom Email. Remember that Documents can be used repeatedly in many different Forms so it could end up saving you some time to use a Document. If you create a Custom Email on a Form it cannot be used with other Forms.

In the Recipients dropdown list, you will find the names of Employees, Vendors, and User Roles. Even though it is a dropdown list, you can still manually type additional email addresses. Once you press the space bar after the email address, it will turn into a green bubble like other selections from the list:


You can also designate who the email notification appears to come from and send a copy of the Form response that was submitted to trigger the notification:


If you select Yes for "Do you want to send a copy of this form?" you can customize the notifications link.

Type some text into the FORM LINK TEXT field at the bottom of the overlay. That text will appear as a link in your client’s email.

When you are finished customizing the notification, click Save

Once you have created one notification, you can copy it to save time in creating additional notifications. You might want to use this if you wanted the notification to go to multiple team members but maybe they don't all need a copy of the Form response.

Account Management

The Account Management tab allows you to customize how Accounts are updated when a Form response is submitted:


For Automatically Manage Accounts, if you select ON:

When a new client or lead submits a Form, a new Account is automatically created.


When an existing client or lead fills out and submits a Form, fields that are mapped to the Account will be automatically updated.

If Automatic Account Management is turned off you will need to take an action from each Form response to update the Account. 

For Update Options, choose how to update the account when a Form is submitted:

  • Replace all existing fields and add new fields.
  • Do not replace fields; only add new fields.

For Account Matching, specify how the system decides if the Account is a duplicate by choosing an option from the dropdown list:

  • Email address matches
  • First OR last name AND email matches
  • First OR last name AND email and client name matches
  • Other

If you select Other, choose the custom criteria you want to use for matching from a list of fields that are mapped to SA Account fields. Be careful to choose enough specific criteria to make the matches meaningful.

Tag Settings

This section is discussed in a separate article found here.

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