Payments List - Filters - Overview

There are a number of filters you can apply on the Payments List to help you search. Remember that the screen defaults are the "Last 30 Days" tab and a page size of 30 (or whatever page size was last applied). To aid your searching, you may need to adjust the page size.

There are five different filters you can apply on this screen. The Reference # filter will open a text field:


This field searches the information found in the Reference # column which corresponds with the Check # field on Check Payments or the Other # field on credit card Payments. 

The Date filter is necessary if you want to view any Payments outside of the last 30 days. This filter will open two date fields. You can either type in dates or click the calendar icon to select dates on a calendar:


The Client filter opens a text field where you can search for a Client's name. You will need to search for either the first or last name of the Client as it appears in the Client column. If your Clients' names appear Last, First and you search First Last, your search will not yield any results.

The Address filter opens a text field where you can search for a Client's street address. Your search must match the Client's address either partially or exactly to yield any results and does not include city, state, or postal code. If in doubt, just search for the street number or a partial street address.

The Payment Method filter gives you a dropdown list of all of your active payment methods. If you wanted to see the total credit card payments you took in a given month, you would need to select all of the credit card types from the list that you want to see.

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