Set Up Two-Way Texting within an Automation

Two-way Texting is a feature available to all Members who have Automations enabled (a Pro Plus subscription). It can be added to any sequence within an Automation. Before you can use this feature, you need to choose a subscription.

Note: After subscribing to and selecting a phone number, you won’t be able to transfer it to another phone service provider. This is because SA uses Twilio as the only third-party service provider for text message integration.


Setting Up Two-Way Texting Within an Automation

Once you have Two-Way Texting enabled, you can create events within an Automation sequence to help you with automated processes. You can use this feature to confirm appointments for upcoming services, notifications of service completion, etc. This section shows you the basics of how to create a Text Message event within an Automation:

  1. Go to: Marketing > Automations
  2. Select an existing automation or add a new automation.
  3. From the Automation Edit screen, drag and drop a Text Message Event onto an existing sequence, or a new one. 
  4. Click the Text Message event tile to bring up the Edit Text Message Event overlay. 

  5. Edit the Event Information including the Name, recipients, and Between Time.
  6. Check or Uncheck  Send Mon-Fri Only.
  7. Click the "Text Body" tab to type in the Text Body and include personalization fields if necessary.
  8. Click Save Event.
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