V3 Overview of the Edit Account Overlay

The Edit Account overlay is where you can make any modifications to an Account.
To view this overlay, follow these steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Accounts.
  2. Click on the name of the Account you want to modify.
  3. Click Edit under the Actions list.


The menu at the left is divided into the tabs you see on the Review Account overlay: Account Details and Other.


By default, you will be taken to the Contact Information tab:


From this section, you can edit the information of any Contacts on the Account, as well as the Service Address information and Property Details (Property NameProperty Name Attention To, LatitudeLongitude).


Click the Account Overview tab to change the Account Number


Type refers to the designation between Commercial and Residential. You can also edit the Account Since date, Account ManagerSales PersonSource, or who the Account was Referred By

Click the Billing Information tab to change fields related to billing:


This is also the area where you can add or modify the credit card on file for the Account and how frequently their Invoices are due (Terms). 

The Tags Applied tab will show you what Tags are applied to the Account:


Additionally, you can add or remove Tags.
You can also create a brand new Tag by clicking Add Tag. Once added, it will be automatically applied to the Account.

The Custom Fields tab will allow you to modify any existing Custom Fields:


You can also create a new Custom Field by clicking Add Custom Field in the upper right corner of the overlay. 

The Related Accounts tab will show you the relationships between any related properties:


Related Properties are divided into three categories: Parent, Siblings, and Children. This explains the hierarchy of Related Properties. "Parent" refers to the property one level above the property you are viewing "Siblings" have the same Parent as the property you are viewing, and "Children" are sub-properties of the property you are viewing.
To add a Related Account, click Add Related Account in the upper right corner of the overlay.

Go to the Invoice Preferences tab to view the default Invoice information for the Account:


In this section, you can update the Name on Invoice, how often the Account will be invoiced, whether or not their Invoices need to be flagged for review, and how their Invoices are delivered. 

The last tab is Marketing Preferences:


Here you can select or de-select any of the Email Subscription settings depending on the client's preferences.
When you are finished making changes to the Account, click Save Account in the lower right corner of the overlay. 

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