Add Discounts to an Estimate

There are two ways to add Discounts to an Estimate: in bulk or to a single line item. Both of these are added from the Estimate overlay, either when you initially create an Estimate or after it's been saved.

Before you can add Discounts to an Estimate, you'll need to have at least one Discount already created under Settings > Discounts

Note: The percent sign icon will change to green any time a discount is applied.

Add Discounts in Bulk

  1. Select the line items that will receive the discount by checking the box(es) at the far left of the line items.
  2. Click Discount


  3. Select the discount to apply. 


  4. Click Apply.


Add a Discount to a Single Line Item

  1. Click on the percent sign icon on the far right of the line item. 
  2. Select the discount to apply. 


  3. Click Apply.
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