Budgeted Hours - Explained

Your Budgeted Hours (B. Hours) is the total time in man-hours that you expect a job to take. You can think of the formula for B. Hours as Number of Men X Hours = Budgeted Hours.

There's a helpful tool on each job to help you calculate B. Hours. Click on the Gear Icon, located on the Master Job. Select the option for Edit Budgeted Hours Override.

This tool not only assists with Budgeted Hours but also helps ensure that you are billing the proper amount to be profitable. Simply enter the number of Men and Hours and/or Minutes on the job and enter the man/hr rate that you want to achieve. The system will calculate the Rate or B. Hours number needed to achieve that man/hr rate.


You can set Default Budgeted Hours on your services.

  1. Go to Settings > Services. A list of all your services should now appear on this page.
  2. Click the name of one of your services listed.
  3. An overlay displaying the service editor should now appear.
  4. Under the Details tab and in the upper right corner there's a field for Default B.Hours. From here you can enter your default budgeted hours for the service. Now when you create a job for a client and add this service, B.Hrs will auto-populate for you. This can save you time from having to enter B. Hrs every time schedule a job with this service.
Note: You may not enter Default B. Hours for your services if the budgeted time varies for each job. 

You can set up Budgeted Hours for each job you create for a client. Once you schedule jobs, the B. Hours appear on the Dispatch Board. You can make modifications or additions from here if necessary. You can also compare your Budgeted Hours to your Total Actual Man Hours (based on the total time spent on the job) to manage your production.




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