Payments List - Add a Payment

You can add a Payment from the Payment List as opposed to from a Client Account. This might be helpful if you are entering multiple check payments at a time and want to make sure you haven't missed any. To add a Payment from the Payment List, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Accounting > Payments.
  2. Click Add Payment or go to Actions > Add Payment. This will open the Add Payment overlay. 

  3. Select a Client. Begin typing the Client name to filter results. Once you select a Client, the Payment Method will be populated based on the Client default. 
  4. The Date field defaults to the current date. Change if necessary. 
  5. Enter the Amount of the payment. Allocate Payment will automatically apply the Payment to existing Invoices starting with the oldest Invoice.
  6. Change the Payment Method, if needed. Selecting "Check" will populate a Check # field. Selecting any credit card type will populate an Other # field in case you need to record any type of transaction number.
  7. Use the Memo field to record any specific notes about this Payment. 
  8. Allocate the Payment as needed.
  9. Click Save & Close or Save & New if you're entering multiple Payments at a time. 
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