Payments List - Add a Credit Card Payment

Adding a credit card Payment from the Payments list is very similar to adding any other type of payment. There are additional fields that apply only to credit card transactions, which will be covered here.  

If you select a Client on the Add Payment overlay who does not have a credit card on file, the credit card details will be blank when you select a credit card type as the Payment Method:


Click Use Billing Information to populate the billing address from the Client Account without having to type it in separately. When you click Add Credit Card, the billing address will be pre-populated. If the Client decides to use a card with a different billing address, you can always change it on the Add Credit Card overlay. 

If the Client has a credit card on file, that card information will be displayed when you select the corresponding Payment Method:


To place a charge on the card on file, simply enter the amount, allocate the Payment, and click Charge & Close. You can also click Use a Different Card to make a one-time payment on a credit card that is not on file. 

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