Schedule Jobs from an Estimate

When a client accepts an Estimate, you can schedule the Job from within the estimate. This moves all information from the Estimate, including discounts, to the Job. Ideally, the client clicks the email link and accepts the Estimate online but you can still schedule Jobs if the client accepts offline. 

If the Client Accepts Online:

  1. Navigate to an Estimate overlay. You will notice the Stage of the Estimate is now set to Won. The line items selected by the client will also have a Status of "Won".

  2. Click the Schedule button.

  3. On the Schedule a Job overlay, select the services you want to schedule. Make sure to schedule each service as the appropriate Job type. You'll need to schedule Recurring and Package Jobs separately.  

  4. Click the Schedule button and select the type of Job for this service (Recurring/Waiting List/One Time).
  5. Click OK.
  6. Proceed with scheduling the job as usual.

If the Client Accepts Offline

A client might accept an Estimate by phone, email, or any other type of communication. To change the status of the Estimate, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Estimate overlay.
  2. Change the stage from Quote to Won, then fill in the “Reason” field, if required.
  3. Change the accepted line items from Quote to Won by clicking on the buttons in the Status column.

  4. If you want to send a confirmation email, click the Accepted button for the “Email Auto Response” field. This button appears only when the stage and status are set to Won.
  5. Schedule the job as shown above starting in step 2.
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