Add or Confirm Products on the Dispatch Board

Service Autopilot allows you to add and confirm Products from the Dispatch Board. When you are creating a Job and adding a Product to it, you can check the Confirm? box on the Product. Doing this will highlight the Job in red on the Dispatch Board so that you know that the Product quantity needs to be confirmed. This is useful for Chemical Tracking when you need accurate records of where Chemical Products are used or for any Products the Client will be paying for on their Invoice.

To Add or Confirm Products on the Dispatch Board, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs.
  2. On the Job where you want to add or confirm a Product, and click on the Edit Products icon (Barcode) or the Service name. Both options will pull up the Job Overlay. 

  3. In the Product section, adjust the Product information. 

  4. You can change the Product, add a new one, or adjust any of the fields: Qty, Cost Per, and/or Rate
    • If the Job is complete and you previously marked to confirm the product, click the button that says Confirm?.
    • Click one of the items in the dropdown: Add to Invoice, or Used, do not Invoice, or Not Used, Cancel

  5. Click Save.
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