V3 Add or Remove a Related Property from an Account

To modify the Related Properties attached to an Account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Accounts
  2. Click the name of the Account you need to modify.
  3. On the Review Account overlay, click Edit.
  4. Click Related Accounts


  5. Related Properties are divided into three categories: Parent, Siblings, and Children. This explains the hierarchy of Related Properties.
    "Parent" refers to the property one level above the property you are viewing.
    "Siblings" have the same Parent as the property you are viewing.
    "Children" are sub-properties of the property you are viewing.
    To add a Related Account, click Add Related Account in the upper right corner of the overlay.


  6. Use the Add Related Account dialog to select the Relationship and Account


    Note: The Account you are adding must already exist in SA. You CANNOT add new Accounts from the Add Related Account dialog.

  7. Click Save on the Add Related Account dialog. 
  8. When you are finished making changes to the Account, click Save Account


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