V3 Invoice List Screen - Add Invoice

You can add an Invoice from the Invoice list, as well as from a Client Account. This might be helpful if you need to add multiple Invoices at a time and want to make sure you haven't missed any.
To add an Invoice from the Invoice list, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Accounting > Invoices.
  2. Click Add Invoice
  3. On the Add Invoice overlay, select an Account


  4. The Invoice Date and Due Date will default to the current day. Update this if needed.
    The Status will update automatically based on the Due Date. 


  5. Click Show Advanced Options to see additional options. AR Account, Terms, Sales Tax, and Payment Method are determined by the Account you select on the Invoice. You can also add a PO # if needed.


  6. Click Add Line to add line items to the Invoice. The Date will be the date the service was performed. Click Add subtotal row if you need to add a discount to the entire Invoice.


  7. Add a Memo if you need to make an internal note about the Invoice. 
    Note: The totals in the lower right corner of the Invoice will update automatically as you add line items. 
  8. When you're finished, click Save Invoice
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