Wiki Pages

Wiki Pages are a good way to keep track of internal documentation for full SA users. You can add text, links, videos, and more to individual pages so it can be referenced quickly and easily. 

User Roles and Rights for Wiki Pages

There are two User Rights related to Wiki Pages. You can access them by going to Settings > User Roles and Rights. Both are on the "Home" tab:


Any full user can, by default, view and edit Wiki Pages. These User Rights just control whether a user can delete or restore deleted pages.


Access and Use Wiki Pages

You can access Wiki Pages by hovering over your avatar and selecting "Wiki":


That will open the Wiki overlay:


The first thing you will need to do is click Add Wiki Page. This acts as a category for you to add related content. This will open an overlay that looks like this:


Add a title and text. If this will be a free-standing article, add information directly to the page. If you'll need to nest content, the text here should be an description of the content that will follow. Note the save button at the top of the toolbar. 

Once you've saved a page, you'll have to option to add sub pages of different but related content. There are tools in the text edit toolbar that allow you to add images, links, or tables.

If the user rights are enabled, you can delete pages from within the page itself. To restore a page, select it from the Navigation box. 


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