Enable Custom Fields for Viewing on the Legacy App

If you or your Teams are using the Legacy App and you would like to be able to see Custom Fields, there are a few steps to make this possible. 

First, you will need to ensure your Custom Fields are set up properly. The only Custom Fields that can be seen on the Legacy App are those that are Associated To "Customer". If you wish the Custom Field to also show on the Job, you will want to enable "Print on Work Order".


To check the association of a Custom Field, go to Settings > Custom Fields. Click on any existing item in the list to view the overlay. If you need to many any changes, be sure to click Save.

Next, you will need to ensure the Custom Field has a value at the Account level. To do this, navigate to an Account. On the V2 client Account, Custom Fields are listed at the bottom of the screen. To add or edit values, click Edit at the top of the page and go to the "Custom Fields" tab.

On a V3 Account, Custom Fields can be seen on the "Other" tab of the Review Account overlay:


To make changes, click Edit. Go to the "Custom Fields" section on the right and enter the values you need into the applicable Custom Field. Again, be sure to save your changes.

The final thing you will need to set up to view Custom Fields on Accounts on the Legacy App are the User Rights for whoever is using the app. To check or update these, go to Settings > User Roles & Rights. Click on the name of the role you need to modify. Go to the "Mobile" tab. Ensure "View/Edit Client" is selected:


There are two additional settings you can enable - allow the user to "Always" view Clients or only "When Assigned Job". If "Always" is selected, the user will be able to view the client list and any individual client on the Legacy App from the menu. If the other option is selected, the user will only be able to see client records if the client has a job assigned to the user.

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