V3 Invoices Screen - Review Invoice Overlay – Overview

There are many different fields and components to an existing Invoice. This overview will briefly touch on each of them. When you open any existing Invoice, you will see an overlay that looks something like this:


The Actions list is on the left and an overview of the Invoice is on the right. As with other screens, any text in blue is clickable. Click View payment history to view any payments that are applied to the Invoice. Click Show Advanced Options to show additional information about the Invoice. Near the Invoice balance, click Payments/Credits Applied to see anything that is applied to this Invoice. At the bottom right of the screen, you can zoom in or out of the Invoice overview.

In the Invoice above, the first button on the left is grayed out. When an Invoice is locked, this first button will be inactive. You can still Email the Invoice from this overlay or click Pay to enter a Payment. Click Advanced Actions to reveal more actions.


Click Print if you need to print the Invoice or want to see what it'll look like to the Client.
The Reminders dropdown list contains the following options:


Click Add review if the Invoice needs to be flagged for review. Add email and Add print will add the respective flags to the Invoice. 

Click Mail to send the Invoice via USPS.
If the Invoice is locked, click Unlock to make any edits to the Invoice. You can also Void or Delete the Invoice if needed. 

Below the Advanced Actions is the Audit Trail. Click View All if you need to see a history of the Invoice including the users who made changes. 

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