V3 Review Property Overlay

 Anywhere you see a blue house icon, you can click this icon to see additional information about the Property:


 It will open the Review Property overlay:


 If you do not have a Smart Maps subscription on your account (pictured above), you will see a message that indicates how you can get Smart Maps. Without the subscription, your options are limited to only seeing the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the property. Otherwise you will see an Edit button on the Actions menu at the left and an overview of the Property at the right. 

If you have entered Property Measurements, you will see them on the Map and listed in the Measurements section. At the top of the Measurements table you will also see the Property coordinates. If a Property Photo or Data has been entered, it will appear at the right. Click the icon next to the Account Name to view the Account screen. To exit the overlay, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the overlay. 

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