Update (Sync) the Legacy App

Updates from the Service Autopilot Legacy app to the full site can take some time to appear depending on settings and data availability. Changes made on the Legacy app override the Dispatch Board. This is by design since the people in the field are more likely to have accurate information about the job site than office users. That means an update could be made on the Dispatch Board but if field employees have already started working, changes made in the office will end up being "reverted" as teams work.

One way to avoid this issue or to make sure field users have the most accurate information is to resync the app. There are a few ways to force the app to sync: Pull to Refresh, Sync Everything, or Clean and Sync.

You need an internet connection, either cellular or wifi, to sync your device to Service Autopilot. If you have no connection, SA saves the updates until you have internet service again.

Pull to Refresh

This is the quickest, easiest option but only refreshes the information on that current screen. Unless you know exactly what single update you need, this is not the most reliable option.

  1. From the Schedule screen (and most other screens), you can pull to refresh by tapping somewhere on the screen, then pulling down until the screen text tells you to "Release to refresh" at the top.
  2. Let go and the screen will refresh.

You can see the progress of the sync by looking at the small gray bar below the header.

When the sync is complete, the screen will return to normal.


Sync Everything

  1. Tap the Menu icon on any screen that shows it, and scroll down to tap Sync Everything. This closes the menu and opens a confirmation dialog.
  2. Tap Yes. This opens the sync screen. You will see a status bar and items scrolling as they process.

Once syncing is complete, you'll automatically get taken back to the previous screen.

Note: A Sync Everything pushes the data entered on the mobile device to the main site. 


Clean and Sync

If you have this advanced mobile access, you can do a more substantial sync from the Settings screen.

Note: We advise doing a Sync Everything before doing a Clean and Sync. Doing a clean and sync will wipe the Legacy app's data and re-sync it to the main site. If there is information, such as pictures or timesheet records, that have not synced from the app to the main site, you will lose this information when you Clean and Sync.
  1. Tap three times on the bar at the top of the screen that says My Schedule.
  2. A debug page will open. Tap Clean.
  3. Tap Yes on the confirmation dialogs to proceed. 
Note: You can also tap the header on any screen in the app three times fast to access the Debug screen. From there, you can tap Clean to run a clean and sync, as well.


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