Charge Credit Cards

In Service Autopilot, you can charge credit cards in bulk or for a single Invoice. Both processes are outlined here.


Bulk Charge Credit Cards

  1. Go to Accounting>Invoices
  2. Select the Invoices to Charge tab. 


  3. Check the box next to all the Invoices you want to charge.
  4. Hover over Actions and select Charge Cards


Note: Invoices can be charged from any tab on the Invoices list. It is important to always charge from the Invoices to Charge tab to avoid incorrectly charging Clients.

Any Invoices that fail to charge will remain on the Invoices to Charge tab and display a reason for the failure. Double-check the Failed Charges tab on the Accounting Screen to make sure they all went through.


Charge a Credit Card from the Client Screen

  1. Navigate to a Client Account.
  2. Click Add a Transaction.
  3. Select Add a Payment


  4. Select the credit card type in the Payment Method field. 
  5. If a credit card is on file, the card information will auto-populate. 


  6. If a credit card is not on file, click Add Credit Card and add the details in the Add Credit Card overlay. 


  7. Enter the amount of the Payment. 
  8. Allocate the Payment to Invoices if necessary. 
  9. Click Charge & Close.

Similar to bulk charging, if there is an issue with the credit card charge, a banner will appear at the top of the Payment overlay with an error message. 

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