Update Job Times for Close Out Day

If you are using the Service Autopilot Mobile App, job times will automatically appear in the Close Out Day view. If you're not using the SA Mobile App, you will need to add those times manually. Likewise, you may need to edit the times recorded by Resources on the mobile apps. This is also done from the Close Out Day view.

Access the Close Out Day View

You can access the Close Out Day view in one of two ways from the Dispatch Board (Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs):

  1. Go to the primary dropdown menu and select the Close Out Day View

  2. Hover over "Columns" on the far right of the Dispatch Grid Header and check the "Close Out Day" box. 


The Close Out Day view and column will give you the following columns: 

  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Rate
  • Hours
  • Men
  • Quantity


Entering Time

If the default Team assignment worked the exact same times on the job, simply enter the time in the Start Time and End Time columns.

To enter different job times for each resource, do the following:

  1. Click on the clock icon to open a dialog with spaces to enter job times. 

  2. Select the resources who worked on the dropdown list. Click Add Default Assignments if you want the Team assignments to appear automatically. 

  3. Enter the date and time for each resource.
  4. Click Save.


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