Smart Maps - Overview

Service Autopilot offers basic map routing to all Members. The Smart Maps subscription (with an additional monthly fee) does much more than mapping. Smart Maps allows you to measure properties and optimize your routes from your office. Use Smart Maps as a Marketing tool to easily identify existing clients for upsells and import new Leads into SA expanding your sales strategy options.

Smart Maps is an add-on subscription for Pro and Pro Plus accounts. You can add this subscription by hovering over your avatar at the top right of the Service Autopilot screen and selecting Account & Billing from the dropdown menu:


Then scroll down the page to the "Additional Services" section where you can Purchase the subscription.

The Smart Maps feature lets you measure a property using Google® satellite images. You can quickly measure any outdoor surface of a property, including square footage of turf, beds, and parking lots, as well as any linear measurement. All measurements are stored for future use. You also have the option to store this information in a Custom Field in Service Autopilot.


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